Carri Eight Diaper Shoulder Bag + Removable Insert Organizer

Carri Eight Diaper Shoulder Bag + Removable Insert Organizer



Introducing our new Diaper Shoulder bag  + Removable Insert Organizer! 
Same premium quality as our shopper bag with a new feature insert organizer in 5 chic colors!  Great for women of all stages who love being organized and can't stand another moment of digging through a pile of stuff to find what you're looking for!  
Insert comes with an removable divider organizer, 2 insulated pockets, diaper changing mat, and pockets galore for your receipts/important papers and phones etc. 
Flaps with button allows privacy and handles allows for you to remove insert and attach to stroller or CARRI separately; also easily wipes away messes. How convenient! 

Each bag comes with insert accordingly:
Charcoal Bag: Charcoal Insert
Black Bag: Charcoal Insert
Burgundy Bag: Burgundy Insert
Taupe Bag: Taupe Insert
Ivory Bag: Ivory Insert

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